Thursday, 8 September 2016

Get Your Flicks On Fleek

Come on girls, who doesn't love perfectly winged eyeliner? That super-crisp, sleek Nike tick that flicks across your eyelid, creating the perfect feline expression: the cat that got the cream.

Now we all know this look can be a bitch to perfect - one eye glides on effortlessly, lulling us into a false sense of security, and then....well, then the other is a total catastrophe. Cue an ever-thickening black wedge as you try to balance them out...until you end up with a couple of disastrous inch-thick lines that look as though they've been applied by a toddler who's been left unsupervised with a black marker pen. Not a good look. More der-brained than doe-eyed, I'd say.


Which is where Soap and Glory's Supercat Eyeliner Pen in Carbon Black Extreme comes in. I love a bit of sassy retro packaging, so for me this liner has instant kerb appeal: a slim glossy stick with pink lettering and a satisfyingly tight click lid. No-one likes a liner that dries out after a few uses (I recently tried a pricey brand who shall remain nameless, and it was utterly pointless - dried out in literally 2 wears). The nib itself is like a very pointy felt-tip, and glides on like a dream. Even a heavy-handed clutz like myself would struggle to mess this one up.

The resulting flicks are impressive: I'm a bit trigger-happy in my excitement to try this new product, but to my amazement the flicks are On Fleek, as the young'uns would say.

A few hours in and I'm still looking peng (to keep the youth slang going) it sad when 40 year olds try and act down with the kids? Hmm, I thought so. I'll stop.

Anyway, as I was saying, I peer into my compact mirror whilst I'm at the festival (yep, still desperately clinging to my youth) and to my delight my eyeliner is still looking pretty good, despite several hours of sweaty booty-shaking in the scorching July afternoon sun.

Okay, so there is the faintest hint of a smudge in one corner, but to be fair when you get older and your eyelids start to mimic those of Droopy from the old kids' cartoon, the resulting wrinkles are bound to cause a teeny-tiny smudge occasionally. It says more about the proliferation of my laughter lines than the quality of the product, I'm afraid; I must be walking around constantly cracking up (or should that be creasing up?) if these crow's feet are anything to go by...

Oh yeah, you can smirk, but it happens to the best of us - you'll get yours, kids! I remember when I was a young make-up artist and would practise on my mum: I'd bemoan her droopy eyelids that seemed to counteract all my hard handiwork with the eyeshadow. Well karma is a bitch as they say, because now I have a lil droopy eyelid syndrome all of my own. Thanks Mama!

If, like me, you also wear contact lenses and your eyes have a tendancy to water as though someone's been peeling onions directly under them, then finding an eyeliner that doesn't budge is no mean feat.

So this lil beaut comes in at the ridiculously reasonable price of just £6, and Boots often has offers on top of that: either 3 for 2, or buy one get one half price. Can't say fairer than that! I invested in the Archery eyebrow pencil and the Thick And Fast mascara whilst I was there - it would've been rude not to, really.

So shimmy that sweet ass of yours down to Boots, grab your Supercat liner and get yourself some of these fleeky flicks, girlfriend!

You're welcome!

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