Thursday, 15 September 2016

I'm a guest on Sip and Shine Podcast

Some weeks ago an email randomly popped into my inbox from a girl called Carrie, saying she was a podcaster interested in interviewing writers and bloggers for her Society Lounge (Sip and Shine) podcast, she really liked my blog (having discovered it via Twitter) and would I be up for an interview?

Of course I was intrigued, so I agreed, booked the appointment in via the website as requested...and promptly forgot about it amidst the chaos of a hectic schedule...

In the meantime Andy and I went off to Amsterdam, I was working, socialising and blogging away...until the day before the podcast when I thought I'd best do a spot of research. I'd booked the podcast in for 11am and had a response from Carrie that she'd have to get up early, but she didn't mind. Lazy! I'd thought fleetingly, but didn't really give it a second thought.

It was only later, as I googled the podcasts' websites she'd mentioned, All Things Podcast, Society Lounge and Sip and Shine, that it gradually dawned on me...this wasn't a couple of layabout teenage students playing about in their boxroom bedrooms at their parents' house somewhere in Blighty, oh no siree....this is actually a pair of sassy Washington DC-based professional thirty-something women. In America! With actual followers - and lots off them, by looks of it. Eek! So now I'm nervous!

Now, I know I'm the direct type - I don't mince my words - but the thought of an hour-long recorded Skype call which would potentially be listened to by tens of thousands of Americans on their commute was making me break out in a cold sweat. Shooting from the hip is one thing, but having everything you say recorded and played back is quite another. At least when I write my blog I can delete the bits that go a step too far; with the spoken word, once it's been said (and recorded) the cat's out the bag: you can't take it back.

I had no way to prepare; I didn't know any of the questions. I was going to have to think on my feet. Gulp. In the end we did 2 recorded calls of almost an hour each. Which is a long time to be on video call to The States to someone you've never met before when you have absolutely zero idea what to expect and a habit of engaging the mouth before the brain. And when Carrie mentions we'll be drinking wine and playing drinking games I can feel my pulse quickening and my palms getting clammy.

I send up a silent prayer: "Oh please don't let me make a fool of myself," as I click to accept the incoming Skype call...

And did I?

Well she was great fun and we got along like a house on fire. We have lots in common, including a love of wine and embracing the dating scene in our thirties after years out of the game having been long-term Smug Marrieds. I babbled incessantly and due to the nature of Skype and simultaneously consuming wine during the drinking games segment (which fyi was during the second call; I wasn't chugging back wine at 11am) spoke over her several times, but I think we pulled it off ok in the end. Here she is, my Sister From Another Mister, Carrie Gillen:

But don't take my word for it, decide for yourself:

Part 1 here

Part 2 here

And there's even a cute lil intro video collage video too:

Thanks for listening - feedback welcome (I think!).....

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