Monday, 6 March 2017

You're Ovary Acting

Wow! You're Ovary-acting

...or are you? You don't want to upset those ovaries do you?

Do you even know the symptoms of ovarian cancer?

C'mon ladies, we need to be clued up on this stuff. I know, I know, it's not the most fun topic to chat about when you see your girlfriends - we'd far rather be quaffing champers over a long lunch...or perhaps you'd prefer to be at home helping the kids with their homework - well, anything's better than talking about The Dreaded C, isn't it? We've all been affected by cancer in some way in our lives - either personally or having to watch the suffering of a loved one - so it's a painful topic, I get that. It's bringing a lump to my throat typing this, as I recall the faces of those I've loved and lost to this terrible disease.

But, as a friend suffering from terminal cancer so succinctly put it recently: knowledge is power. If we know what we're dealing with, which symptoms to look out for, we can stop it in it's tracks by getting the required treatment early on. As with all cancers, early diagnosis is key - but ovarian cancer symptoms can be confused with other conditions, or dismissed as part of growing older, since it most commonly occurs after age 50. So familiarise yourself with the symptoms, and visit your GP if you have any of the following for more than a few weeks:

There are also certain risk factors that increase your chances of getting ovarian cancer too:


March is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, so I'm fundraising in aid of The Eve Appeal by hosting a Make Time For Tea event at the end of the month. All you have to do is bake (or buy!) some cakes (and/or ask your friends to bring some along too), pour the tea and have fun with your friends whilst raising awareness and funds for the campaign - simples!

my fundraising pack arrived when I was leaving for work the other day

If you are not able to host your own tea party, or attend one locally, you can always donate to my Make Time For Tea Just Giving page here:


So come on everyone, let's raise funds for The Eve Appeal and keep those ovaries happy. You're not overreacting; you're Ovary Acting.  💋

Thank you! xx

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