Thursday, 9 March 2017

Happy Birthday, Bird's Eye View!

It's my blog-versary!

An entire year has passed since I penned my first post here at Life: A Bird's Eye View. And what a year it's been: from getting an article published in So Magazine, to being featured on an American podcast over in Washington DC, to securing a regular gig at Huffington Post UK. 

I've written a whole host of articles (76 of them in fact!) about topics I never dreamed I'd dare, including sexual abuse, infertility and IVF, as well as cancer, marriage breakdown and depression. I've been a guest on another podcast, this time for Mike's Open Journal about mental health; been interviewed by Caledonian Kitty; met tons of inspirational bloggers and influencers; attended an event as an 'influential blogger' (get me!) for The Eve Appeal; got involved in Project Teen (to help improve the mental health of teenage girls); campaigned to raise awareness of cervical cancer for The Eve Appeal and Jo's Trust, and fought to get the wording changed on the smear test letter (which is now in the process of happening - watch this space). 

This blog has been the baby I never had and I've loved every minute of nurturing it and watching it grow. I know it may seem a bit Crazy Cat Lady to have bought the blog a card and cupcake, but seeing as I'll never get to buy one for my real baby just grant me this one indulgence, please (plus, any excuse for a trip to Lola's Bakery, eh?). 

Anyway, thank you so much to all of you who've read my blog over the last 12 months, and please do continue to keep reading and giving me feedback. You're making a silly old bird very happy! Thank you also to my long-suffering boyfriend Andy who never anticipated becoming a blog widower when he started dating me a few years ago, bless him! (Makes a change from us girls being football widows though, huh? 😉).

Here's to the next 12 months of blogging!

Much love, Sam 💋

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